My dentist did not want to hide it: the cavities he cared for were in areas where bi-daily brushing is not enough to eradicate plaque.

Years of effort reduced to nothing, hours of unnecessary brushing, I took a blow behind the ear, as they say.

He advised me to buy a few yards of dental floss as soon as possible, which he says is the only way to gently remove plate from “interdental spaces and gumline.”

I’m going in the direction of Candure as soon as I get out of the closet ... I head for a step towards the toothpaste and toothbrush department ... After a few minutes of research, here it is that stands in front of me: my new interdental Candure antibacterial wire and waxed with fluorine. There is also a non-waxed version, but the waxed version is suitable for people who are still unfamiliar with flossing, which is my case. In addition, I choose a thread with a slight aroma of mint to find this pleasant feeling of freshness that is touted on the product packaging.

In short, I go home and rush on my new acquisition to try my thread as soon as possible. And here is the disappointment: the handling of dental floss requires a great dexterity that can only be acquired through experience. It’s hard!

The bottom teeth are very difficult to reach, and the contact of the wire with the gums can be painful.


Perseverance is necessary to use dental floss. I also advise you to have it handy in front of your computer: indeed, while you read this article you would have had time to remove the plaque and the bacteria that lodge in the gingival crevice and in space interdental!!

I feel you are now convinced, and since I am very generous, I really want to avoid you the inconvenience that I knew at the beginning ... From now on, you will find below the BA-BA of the handling of the interdental thread in 3 steps

Step 1

Take a length of dental floss from hand to shoulder. Wrap the thread around the middle finger of each hand, holding it with your thumb and leaving about five centimeters of thread between your hands.


2nd step

Slide the wire between the teeth and form a semicircle, like a “C”, at the base of the tooth and then gently lower the wire into the gingival crevice. Clean the tooth from its base towards the end, two or three times.


Step 3

Be sure to clean both sides of the tooth. Do not forget the back of the last molars. Slide the thread between your fingers if it wears out by catching particles.


There you go...

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